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CQC’s “better than ever”…or didn’t you know?

Alexander's Excavations


By Dr Minh Alexander, NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist 14 October 2016

The much criticised Care Quality Commission has tried hard to re-brand itself but the changes are superficial, and the values at its heart remain highly questionable. The CQC remains a defensive organisation, full of self-justification. CQC’s attitude towards its part in the profoundly shocking care home death of Ivy Atkin is a case in point.

Ivy Atkin an 86 year old retired dressmaker suffered a barbaric death on 22 November 2012 after gross neglect at Autumn Grange care home in Nottingham. Her case has been extensively reported. In summary:

High Court judge Robert Jay said that when Mrs Atkin was found, she was skeletal, severely dehydrated, lying on a bed soaked in urine and had a large open, pressure sore at the base of her back which was contaminated with faeces.”[1]

Although discovered in…

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