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Jus’ like that, says Henrietta

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Memorandum of Non-Understanding from the Ministry of Love

Whistleblowers have serious misgivings about Robert Francis’ and the Department of Health’s Freedom to Speak Up Review on NHS whistleblowing. In short, its main use is for government spin. The central plank of the Freedom to Speak Up Review is the creation of a National Guardian for whistleblowing. This office has been entrusted to the Care Quality Commission. The project has been characterised by CQC gamesiness, delay, incompetence and the hasty resignation of the first appointee. [1] CQC refuses to acknowledge its mishandling of the office or shortcomings by the latest appointee.

Henrietta Hughes the replacement National Guardian provoked disbelief and ridicule when she started her job earlier this month. In an interview with the Times, she suggested that NHS whistleblowing would be sorted “just like that” if staff cheered up. [2] Thus, she trivialised the deep establishment corruption and related suffering…

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