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Home Office spooks smear campaigner

David Gale - Campaign News

David Gale - Derbyshire PCC Election

Home Office stays silent after evidence of a covert smear campaign by officials.

David Gale is voluntary CEO of Kids for Cash UK (K4CUK), an organisation that investigates criminal corruption around child abuse. K4CUK is a social network of investigators and researchers that includes former police officers, social workers, members of the legal profession, and victims. An ex-police officer and child protection specialist, Gale founded K4CUK in 2012 and was quickly involved in uncovering government corruption in cases related to child sex abuse.

In 2013, he investigated the arrest and imprisonment of Victoria Haigh, the mother of a child who had made multiple sexual abuse allegations against the brother of a police officer. Gale quickly found that a number of public agencies had colluded to frame Haigh as a means of silencing her. Gale interviewed a number of witnesses, as well as uncovering sensitive government files that he used to secure Haigh’s emergency release from HMP Peterborough.


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