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Police ‘need more training’ to stop witchcraft child abuse


Victoria Climbié, eight, was tortured and murdered by her guardians after being accused of witchcraft. A judge later found “blinding incompetence” from police, social services, the NHS and other authorities, who noted signs of abuse but failed to act

Police ‘need more training’ to stop witchcraft child abuse

Hundreds of forgotten children are beaten and starved every year by relatives trying to purge them of evil spirits, campaigners have claimed.

Children accused of being possessed or a witch have been burnt, cut, strangled or starved in about 60 cases identified by the Metropolitan police last year.However, up to 350 are being missed by authorities outside London due to poor training and cost pressure, the charity Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (Afruca) said.

It comes amid warnings that trafficked children and unaccompanied refugees are going missing from care homes at an “alarmingly high rate”…

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