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Lifetime Exploitation Award: David Samworth

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

There are some companies that define exploitation in Leicestershire, with perhaps the best example being provided by Samworth Brothers.

This family-owned business puts millions of pounds into the pockets of David Samworth’s family and has come to define the food manufacturing sectors vehement opposition to basic trade union rights.

Sir David Samworth CBE DL, the recipient of the Leicester Mercury Lifetime Achievement Award, started Samworth Brothers in the 1970s using his family’s wealth to buy other people’s businesses.


In the 1980s Samworths went on to take over a traditional butchers and pie maker in Leicester, replicating the acquisitive trends exemplified by his Conservative friends in high finance.

This company is now one of the largest and most successful in the region with more than 8,500 amazingly hard-working employees who suffer on without the democratic right to collective bargaining. No one could say that Samworth are not proud of their commitment…

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