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Urban Exploration in North Wales: Dorothea Quarry

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With a long history of slate quarrying and its vast mountain ranges, North Wales offers a lot of scope for urban exploration. Urban might not be the most appropriate word but I can’t stand the abbreviation of rural exploration. Rurex just sounds like someone doing a poor impression of a Chinese person talking about condoms. 

In this part I will talk about Dorothea quarry, one of my favourite places to explore. It’s a huge site, set around five lakes, which are actually former quarry pits that have gradually filled up with water. Anyone who dives has probably heard about Dorothea, as the largest lake, Twll Mawr, is a popular and dangerous site to dive. The lake is over 100 meters deep and there have been a few deaths. In the decade 1994-2004, 21 divers lost their lives.

DSC_0025 Twll Mawr

DSC_0021 Twll Mawr

Quarry operations started in 1826 and continued until 1969…

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