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Exclusive: SAS impersonated police under Major/Blair – whistleblower


polsolThe SKWAWKBOX’s articles on events at the ‘Battle of Orgreave’ during the 1984 miners’ strike have been among the most read in the history of this blog, especially the new evidence uncovered and presented on the involvement of army personnel, dressed in police uniforms, who were among the most aggressive toward picketing miners, including the use of iron bars, pipes and ‘knuckle-dusters’.

As a result of that article, a former ‘highly-placed source’ contacted this blog, on condition of anonymity, to provide further information that underscores the authenticity of accounts of armed forces personnel impersonating police officers during the miners’ strike – and shows that this practice continued for many years afterward. In the exchange below, ‘S’ is the SKWAWKBOX and ‘X’ is the anonymous whistleblower:

S: Thank you for coming forward. Why have you done so?

X: I’m by no means what people would consider a natural ally of the…

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