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Harvey Proctor Supporter – Iain Dale


Image result for Former MP Harvey Proctor after dark Former MP Harvey Proctor said he has been forced to “squat” in a “glorified shed” as a result of the doomed historical sex abuse investigation Operation Midland.

Ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor said he lost his home and “all my assets” in the probe

Harvey Proctor Pleading Poor and Looking to Cash In.

He said he was considering taking legal action against the Met Police but hoped the matter would not get to court.

“Sir Bernard raised the issue of compensation in the meeting before I did and we agreed that my solicitors would write to him, so I don’t anticipate this going to court,” he said.



^^ McAlpine – cough


– The truth is, he resigned, his businesses were in debt & he pleaded guilty to kiddy-fiddling in 1987 & was find a paltry £1450, he should have went to prison. Politicians just never stop lying do…

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