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VIP CSA Cover Ups – Macur Review


Hansard Debate: Macur review

22 Mar 2016 : Column 550WH

Liz Saville Roberts

I turn to redactions: the removal of names and details by which people might be identified. On my count—I may be wrong, although I counted twice— there are 633 redactions in the report. Although many will be duplications, the Secretary of State and the Minister must appreciate that that number is extremely high.

The previous Secretary of State for Wales, the right hon. Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire, said in his statement last week that redactions had been “kept to a minimum”. While I, and I am sure many people here, accept that some redactions must be made, particularly given the ongoing court proceedings and the potential for further actions, I put it to the House that to claim that redactions in the report have been kept to a minimum is frankly disingenuous.

I am particularly…

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