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PDA oppositional behaviour

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Oppositional behaviour – where a person behaves in a way that is opposite to what is expected by themselves and/or others.

Many people dislike this term, especially when it’s used to describe PDAers who wont do what people have told them to do. They’re not conforming to authority and so they are being oppositional. Perhaps the term the person is looking for is avoidance. PDAers generally don’t do what is expected of them because of their high anxiety and other issues triggering a heightened fight, flight or freeze response, also known as avoidance behaviour.

It might not be helpful to label a PDAer as oppositional because people who display oppositional behaviour are usually seen as doing so deliberately when they are fully able to not do so, whereas with PDAers they don’t have the luxury of having that choice, they cannot act differently because if they could then they would…

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