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Whistleblowers unheard by CQC

Alexander's Excavations

By Minh Alexander @alexander_minh, Pam Linton @midwiferysister, Clare Sardari @SardariClare and a fourth NHS whistleblower. First published 2 December 2016

This is a report by whistleblowers that has been submitted to the Health Committee. It describes how the Cat Quality Commission continues to fail whistleblowers and keeps a lid on national whistleblowing data. This vital information should in fact be published and used to drive improvement.

The full report with links to supporting FOI data can be found here:


Report Summary:

Common decency and good governance requires that whistleblower’s concerns are listened to, properly explored, analysed for patterns and transparently learned from. However, governments may deliberately put ineffective or inadequate structures and processes in place to deal with whistleblowers, to make it look as if something is being done when it is not. 1 The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 2 is critically flawed partly because it does not…

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