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Truss In Boots: An MOJ Panto!

My Mid Life Crisis

Starring: Liz Truss as Truss In Boots, Lord McNally as Baron Hardup, Shailesh Vara as Baron Cockup, Sam Gyimah as Baron Ballsup, Michael Gove as Baron Feckup, Theresa May as the Wicked Queen, Chris Grayling as Widow Twankey…
and Crimbarrister as Buttons!

It’s the laugh-a-minute, weep-a-minute capers of the hapless MOJ crew
as they trample over the Rule of Law!

(*Any resemblance to the actual story of Puss In Boots is entirely coincidental…)


(Pic by Wildy)

Once upon a time, there was a poor first Justice Minister who had a gaggle of junior Ministers, all of whom were as au fait with law, and the rule of law, as each other. Which was minimally, since they were only at the Ministry of Justice in order to further their careers.

When the first Justice Minister was moved from his post, eventually being shunted to the Transport Ministry (which the Wicked Queen had decided now needed…

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