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#UKIP MEP facing FOUR new rape investigations


Last spring, UKIP MEP, Essex councillor andformer head of policy, Tim Aker wasinvestigatedby police, including asearchof his home, for an alleged ‘sexual assault’.

That allegation did not, so far, lead to charges although there were subsequent allegations, also so far unproven, of witness intimidation

Now a UKIP whistleblower has informed the SKWAWKBOX that Mr Aker is facing four further investigations with regard to allegations of rape from unconnected victims in four separate UK locations.

aker-farageMr Aker is alleged to have raped victims in Skegness, Norwich, East London and Oxford. All allegations have been reported to police. At least one woman – a young student at Oxford University – is understood to have attempted suicide after the alleged attack. One of the women is understood to have been a minor at the time of the alleged rape.

The purported Norwich incident was reported in April last…

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