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Walking My Road To Salvation


Walking. Living, moving along. Existing. Walking, the act of living, walking through life, the profound choice of how to walk and where. When arriving is inevitable, but destination highly undefined, unfixed and unknown, walking must become the sole purpose of walking. In that light defined absurdly as, the walk is the arrival, the arrival is the walk. One art of walking could then very well be defined as the art of making the walk as enjoyable, interesting, exploring, observing, sensing as possible, another as the art of making the walk as comfortable, safe, social, confirming as possible, or as fast paced, petal to the metal, dangerous, adrenaline pumping as possible. The art of walking chosen can be chosen, or created, within an array of awareness levels. In linear context, ranging from little to no awareness to with full awareness in every living now. Wherein also giving up awareness can…

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