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Gwynedd Council Failed In 2010 – Still Failing.

I notice Cyngor Gwynedd appear not to have updated their website and still make no mention that one of the cases that they reference has been ongoing for years.
First contact with the Gwynedd Children and Supporting Families Team was in 2007/8 and was appalling.
The family had to endure missed appointments, staff that were untrained and abusive comments from those involved in the child’s care.
MSBP and poor parenting were all thrown at the family.
One so called professional, Dawn Wimpory, failed to diagnose the child and so many years have been wasted because of it.
Perhaps you should have tried engaging him with music therapy, Dawn.
That would have taken longer than the 20 minute consultation you gave the child.
A comment from one of the service managers in a review meeting “If he was my child…..” led to the manager going off sick when the Independent Investigators tried to interview him for an explanation.
An illness that lasted for months and so the report was published without him being interviewed.
The report does mention Llyr Ap Rhisiart’s absence and the fact that when he does finally return from illness he would not be in the same job.
But the question remains, Mr Ap Rhisiart.
What would you have done with the child who has Autism, PDA and other complex issues if he was yours ?
Someone even suggested clearing the child’s bedroom and locking them in.
The child was 7 years old.
The Investigators found 16 points of complaint and bad practise – including lost correspondence and files – all upheld.
That was in 2010 and nothing has changed. In fact, the situation is far worse.
So I say again to Cyngor Gwynedd raising a complaint does not make people unreasonable – it simply means that unprofessional standards and bad behaviour should always be challenged.