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Cyngor Gwynedd Council – Democracy (In)Action.

On November 1st, 2018, we sent an email to Cabinet Member for Children, Dilwyn Morgan.
Dear Mr Morgan,
We wish to bring to your attention, as Cabinet Member for Children and Families, our experiences with Gwynedd Social Services department.
To date there has been an Independent Investigation with all points upheld from 2010.
A second Independent Investigation, with all points upheld, in October, 2017, both were highly critical of the Children and Families department.
A Local Ombudsman for Wales Investigation of 2018 highlighted maladministration and service failure going back from 2010 through to 2016.
There is also an Information Manager’s Investigation Report, dated June, 2018, concerning the release of the names of children on CIN plans. Including the redactions and mishandling of our personal Information and the question of legality of officers actions that remain unanswered.
There is also a second Ombudsman’s Investigation currently ongoing.
We are at a loss to understand therefore how the council is publicly acknowledging the CIW Inspection yet nothing is mentioned of the more negative Reports.
We ask for a meeting with you to discuss our concerns. We also have concerns regarding the Children and Families Department’s Complaint Handling Report 2017/18 that we have just had sight of and that you will be presenting to the Care Scrutiny Committee on November the 6th.
Mr Morgan thanked us for the email and informed us that he had asked for a full briefing on the matter, then would get back to us and would look at the matters thoroughly.