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Mark Ceylon Published on 15 Jul 2015 Stopitnotts Thank you so much for posting this. Any public sector body that tries to use legislation in this way to bully and hamper legitimate protests needs to be challenged and highlighted. I strongly suspect the sectors responsible for this are instrumental in my targeting/stalking and harassment in […]

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How the FBI Silences Whistleblowers — Worldtruth

From: October 16, 2018 • 15 Comments Save Speaking truth to power has ruined Darin Jones, a former FBI contract specialist who reported evidence of serious procurement improprieties. He should be the last federal whistleblower victimized, writes John Kiriakou. By John Kiriakou Special to Consortium News The idea of “whistleblowing” has been in the news a great […]

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The Welsh Labour Government’s Health Minister Vaughan Gething (AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) is on the receiving end, this weekend, of yet more criticism of the way he runs – or attempts to run – the NHS in Wales. The former Secretary of State for Wales David Jones has now told The Sunday Times […]


Judge Likens Social Workers To Hitler’s Schutzstaffel [SS]

Normally it is the victims and subjects of the Social Services abuse that liken the Social Services to the Nazi SS. This is a JUDGE. What has become of our Social Services?

Barnsley Social Services is the object of his comparison.

Here is the article from the excellent Researching Reform available on their blog [1] 2018 Oct 12 Researching Reform  Judge Likens Social Workers to Hitlers SS

A judge sitting at Sheffield Crown Court has likened Barnsley social services to Hitler’s paramilitary organisation, the Schutzstaffel, or SS, after a young girl who had expressed what were believed to be suicidal thoughts, was forced to have a naked medical examination. The social workers also failed to get her father’s consent for the medical, and several other related courses of action.

The council’s conduct left Judge Robert Moore fuming last Friday, after social workers wrongly accused the girl’s family of child sexual abuse, leading to the vulnerable six year old having to undergo humiliating and invasive procedures, which included the collection of swabs and having to stand for extended periods of time in uncomfortable positions. She was also temporarily prevented from seeing her grandfather. Judge Moore summed up his thoughts on the girl’s treatment, at the hearing:

“Social services were like the SS of Nazi Germany. They’re literally the SS in their name, and their manner of working is somewhat draconian.”

The girl’s mother, who was suffering from postnatal depression, had committed suicide ten weeks after giving birth. The girl told her nursery teachers that she wanted to ‘be with her mummy’, however the school did not make her father aware of the comment for several weeks.

The girl’s father was in court to appeal a conviction following a trial in March of this year, which found him guilty of harassing a Barnsley school’s headteacher. The father had been angry at the school for failing to tell him about his daughter’s comments in a timely fashion. Social Services then became involved on an unrelated child abuse allegation against the father, which led to the child protection investigation, even though the police had told social services that the allegation against the father was unfounded.

After the hearing, the father spoke to the Barnsley Chronicle about his experience:

“Despite previous investigations finding no evidence of any risk of sexual abuse, I was forced to allow Barnsley social services to take my daughter out of school and transport her to Barnsley Hospital where, without my consent, she was stripped naked and examined from head to foot…

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Turkish police shoot tractor driver near Israeli residence — National Post

ANKARA, Turkey — Police in Ankara shot Tuesday the driver of a tractor that struck a series of cars in the Turkish capital and appeared headed for the Israeli embassy. The driver, who ignored calls to stop and was shot in the leg, later told police he planned a protest outside the Israeli embassy, the…

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