Analysis of 500 million Reddit comments shows how the alt-right made the alt-left a thing — Quartz

At the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August, a man suspected of being a neo-Nazi sympathizer drove a car into a crowd of counter-protestors, killing one person and injuring 19 others. In the aftermath of right-wing violence, US president Donald Trump chose not to condemn the white supremacists marching at the rally, instead…

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We are your problem…

Simple Tangles

You work in a department whose whole purpose is to deal with us… the problems.

Your boss no doubt often reminds you that you are working with a limited budget – as we all are, and then you pick up the phone, or open your email, and there WE are… there I am.

Telling you that you must address my concerns. Reminding you that our country gives rights to my children and that you are charged with ensuring those rights are met. Begging you to listen, to help because I am at breaking point… again.

And you work in an office where everyone is in the same situation. You are all dealing, day in, day out, with a problem: children who cannot get through childhood without a great deal of extra help.

I like to think that you arrived in this office glowing with hope and ambition to make the…

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Auditors discover £1.6m missing from council revenues — Inside Croydon

Things are just not adding up properly at Croydon Council, writes Town Hall reporter KEN LEE So how has Croydon Council managed to misplace £1.6million of public money? That’s the question arising from Grant Thornton’s audit of the local authority’s affairs in the financial year up to March 2017. Auditing and reconciling accounts really can […]

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Councillors must be like Caesar’s wife!!

But what does Richard Kemp think?


When we meet in the Council Chamber every Councillor must be absolutely sure that they are obeying the law about financial declarations

The Liverpool Echo ran a story about 3 months ago that 8 councillors – 7 Labour and one Liberal – had been in serious council tax arrears and may have been voting illegally in the council.

Two weeks ago, they produced a further report which said that 2 0f them – one Labour and the one Liberal (not Lib Dem) had been totally exonerated leaving 6 Labour Councillors in the frame. It is still not clear whether or not they voted illegally. The law says that you must abstain from voting if you are two months or more in arrears. None of the 6 declared such an interest.

As a result, my Lib Dem colleagues, Mirna Juarez and Andrew Makinson have tabled this motion to the Council:


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15 September 2017
THE COST of Operation Pallial — the police investigation
 into historic allegations of child abuse in North Wales — has risen to £4.3 million.

The figure, obtained by Rebecca under a Freedom of Information request, was the total at the end of March this year.

A further £1.2 million has been earmarked for this financial year.

The inquiry, carried out by the National Crime Agency on behalf of North Wales Police, is largely underwritten by the government.

The Home Office has paid 85 per cent of the cost — leaving the North Wales force with a bill of £671,000.

An additional £278,000 has been spent by the National Crime Agency.


SO FAR nine men have been convicted and eight have gone to prison as a result of Operation Pallial.

One was gaoled for life and the others for a total of 55 years and 9 months.


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Fitzsimons: Councillors ‘naive’ in believing senior officials — Inside Croydon

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE on how some at the Town Hall are beginning to face up to uncomfortable truths Croydon’s councillors are becoming increasing angry about the way they have been misled over the handling of the children’s services crisis at the council. Some of the council’s more measured figures have so far avoided accusing […]

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Eyes On #Gwynedd – Shout Out.

The stage 2 complaint first raised against Cyngor Gwynedd Council, in May, is nearly complete and to be published by October, 2017.

The Ombudsman for Wales has also started their separate investigation into Gwynedd Children and Family Support (!) team for issues arising from 2010.

I have encountered some truly unprofessional and appalling behaviour – from support services through social worker(s) to managers and even a head of department not to mention the misnamed customer care team.

And I wonder…this must have happened to other people in Gwynedd ?

For the next period of time many eyes will be on the Gwynedd Social Services Children and Family Support (!) department but the remit for scrutiny is only for this families case.

So I ask if you feel that you have been let down by Gwynedd council social services in the past, come forward and tell your story now.

To those good service workers in the department and elsewhere in the council – who know of poor management, unprofessional behaviour , bullying, bad practice etc – now is the time to speak out and help change Gwynedd’s failing council.


#Aberdaron #Bala #Clynnog #Criccieth #Dolgellau #Harlech #Llanbedr #Porthmadog #Pwllheli #Tywyn