Tory Election Fraud. #toryelectionfraud


This site has been created to help gather together sources casting light on allegations regarding the Conservative Party spending return for the 2015 General Election (and three by-elections in 2014) and make it more accessible to the public at large.

On the 18th February 2016, in response to Channel 4’s endeavours, the Electoral Commission launched their investigation and on the 28th April 2016 followed up with a statement confirming it had “requested that the Crown (CPS) Prosecution Service and the police consider applying for an extension to the time limit available to pursue criminal prosecutions.”

The Background

In May 2014, attempting to steal a little UKIP limelight, David Cameron promised that

  • if The Conservatives won the next General Election
  • if they had a majority
  • if he was still leader

…he’d try to reform the EU and then hold an EU referendum before the end of 2017. Very few took him seriously.

Later in 2014 one resignation and two defections to UKIP saw the Conservatives contesting three unexpected by-elections that had Cameron’s leadership teetering on a ledge.

Right up to the day when the General Election votes rolled in, Cameron’s EU promise was widely accepted as the impossible dream.

Perhaps it was.

The Law

The Electoral Commission state –There are rules on how much candidates can spend on their campaigns and where they receive their funding from.” plus There are two types of spending by or on behalf of parties at certain elections:

  • Candidate spending
  • Party campaign spending

Candidate spending is when a candidate authorises campaigning to promote them at an election. For example, leaflets, billboard advertising, websites and campaign staff costs.

Party campaign spending is authorised by a party to promote the party and its policies generally. For example, national newspaper adverts for the party, or leaflets explaining party policy. It also includes spending on promoting candidates at elections where the party nominates a list of candidates for a region, rather than individual candidates for local areas.

The Reason

It’s all about Legitimacy. The Conservatives won the 2015 General Election returning 331 MPs which gave them a 12 seat majority.

If just 6 winning MPs independently broke the law to win their seats this would reduce the number of Conservatives in Westminster to the magic 325 and they’d no longer have a majority.

However the very real possibility of a Party wide conspiracy, systematically cheating to win, has attracted the Electoral Commission’s eye – resulting in them requesting the involvement of various Police Authorities and the Crown (CPS) Prosecution Service – and, if proven, signals the end of Westminster as we know it.

Just imagine if everything the Conservative Gov’t has enacted since 2015 turns out to have no democratic legitimacy.

The Action

Despite this being probably the most important news story in a generation, the silence is deafening. This resource was created to aid investigation and has been opened to you in the hope that some of you will be encouraged to look a little deeper.

The information here is by no means definitive, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look around, take nothing for granted, share what you find and add to the data to help continue the investigation.

The Players (52)

Philip Allott
Stuart Andrew MP
Gavin Barwell MP
Jake Berry MP
James Berry MP
Alun Cairns MP
David Cameron MP
Neil Carmichael MP
Maria Caulfield MP
Alex Chalk MP
Oliver Colvile MP
Graham Cox
Byron Davies MP
Chris Davies MP
Nick De Bois
Michelle Donelan MP
Michael Ellis MP
George Eustice MP
Graham Evans MP
Kevin Foster MP
Marcus Fysh MP
Robert Halfon MP
Luke Hall MP
James Heappey MP
Alison Hernandez PCC
Robert Jenrick MP
Marcus Jones MP
Simon Kirby MP
Craig Mackinlay MP
Mary Macleod
Scott Mann MP
Tania Mathias MP
Karl McCartney MP
Amanda Milling MP
Nigel Mills MP
David Morris MP
Stephen Mosley
David Nuttall MP
Chris Philp MP
Will Quince MP
Mary Robinson MP
Amber Rudd MP
Paul Scully MP
Anna Soubry MP
Mark Spencer MP
John Stevenson MP
Maggie Throup MP
Kelly Tolhurst MP
Giles Watling
Craig Whittaker MP
Mike Wood MP
William Wragg MP

The Pictures (50)

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The Time

Only 67 days left. For some inexplicable reason if you cheat at politics and no-one notices for a whole year then you get away with it. Luckily someone noticed, the CPS started an investigation and several Police Authorities applied for an “extension to the time limit available to pursue criminal prosecutions.”

Time’s up on 7th May 2017. Hopefully, the reason it’s all quiet out there is because the various Police Authorities are busily preparing iron-clad cases, however one already dropped case doesn’t give much cause for hope.

The Articles (76)

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Ann Williams

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Eirwyn Williams

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Gruffydd Williams

3 Llys Llywelyn, Nefyn, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 6JF

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John Wyn Williams

1 Blaen y Wawr, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4TR

Home: 01248 370 737

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Plaid CymruPentir

Owain Williams

Llais Gwynedd Group Leader

Gwynus, Pistyll, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 6LY

Home: 01758 750557

Home mobile: 07768 960695

Llais GwyneddClynnog

R. H. Wyn Williams

Llwyn, Lôn Rhoslyn, Abersoch, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 7BE

Home: 01758 712779

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Plaid CymruAbersoch

R. Hefin Williams

Ffiolau’r Grug, Rhiwlas, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4GA

Home: 01248 352 890

Home mobile: 07922 997 592


Plaid CymruPenisarwaun

Mandy Williams-Davies

Cabinet Member for Economy and Community

19 Y Sgwar, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, LL41 3UL

Home: 01766 830652

Home mobile: 07787 934308


Plaid CymruDiffwys and Maenofferen

More On Mental Health Services In #Gwynedd.

There been a few news items over the last few days that I didn’t choose to blog about at the time, but I think that they are worth a mention, so I’ve decided to include them all here in one blog post.

Further information was released concerning the lady who’s body was found at Newry Beach (please see blog post ‘Another Death – Feb 13 2017’). It was revealed that she had been having a very hard time indeed, ‘was tired of fighting and just wanted to go to sleep’ and had lost possession of her children. There was also a reference to the staff from the NHS who had ‘cared’ for her. The police stated that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, so this sounds very much like the suicide of someone who had probably had contact with the mental health services.

Yesterday the Daily Post reported that a man was snatched from the jaws of death by a police officer – the man was sitting ‘cross-legged with his head bowed’ on the railway track at Connah’s Quay as a train approached I note that he’d told officers that he’d ‘had enough’. The state’s solution to this man’s problems was to prosecute him for trespassing on the railway line – he was fined £300 with additional costs. Is this not a little inconsistent with all the talk at present of ‘fighting stigma’, ‘asking for help’ and ‘talking about mental health’? This case is far from unique – I co-authored a book in 2012 with my friend Prof BJ Brown and whilst we were researching for this book we uncovered scores of examples of punitive responses by the legal system to people who had attempted suicide.

Then yesterday evening a reader of the blog brought this to my attention (after he’d finished crying with laughter himself) So north Wales’s own hopeless psychologists who have completely failed to provide any sort of decent mental health service for the region are now going to be called upon to ‘profile’ whoever might be setting fire to cars in Wrexham. We won’t expect any arsonists to be caught soon then. The Daily Post’s feature makes reference to the popular TV series ‘Cracker’, centred around a psychologist who advised the police. Although it was made clear at the time that there was no such Cracker figure working in the UK, this programme really caught the public’s imagination and was even the cause of an increase in applications to psychology degrees in the UK. (I wonder if the north Wales police noticed the irony that a TV programme suggested that they needed the advice of psychologists to carry out their job whereas in reality they were spending a considerable amount of time mopping up the mess left behind by the mental health services.) But then ‘Casualty’ in no way reflects what I’ve seen happening in A&E at Ysbyty Gwynedd when Stephen Gallagher has been on duty (please see blog post ‘Two Very Dishonest Dangerous Nurses’)…

Which brings me to the next item to be mentioned in this news round-up. Earlier on in the week, BBC News Wales reported on the ‘crisis’ in Wales’s A&E depts. The A&E depts of the hospitals managed by the Betsi were by far the worst performers.

There was a BBC news report stating that the NHS in Wales in the coming years would not cope without employing doctors who had trained outside of the UK. Well the medical services in north Wales for many years now have had such a bad reputation that home-grown graduates won’t work here – it’ll only be a matter of time before word gets around to non-UK graduates regarding how bad the situation is and they’ll stop applying for posts here as well. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time…

Lastly, this morning BBC News Wales is reporting that the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, is demanding evidence regarding the (alleged) decrease in the use of anti-psychotic drugs as a ‘chemical cosh’ in ‘care homes’ for elderly people, which she has described as a ‘national scandal’ It is good to see that this is finally being addressed, but it would be good to see the irresponsible prescribing of anti-psychotics in the mental health services addressed as well. Some people do find that anti-psychotics help in some circumstances and some people find them a lot more helpful than the ‘talking treatments’ which are being so heavily promoted at present. However in the mental health services in north Wales, for the last thirty years anti-psychotics have been liberally dished out to patients by practitioners who have frequently ignored prescribing guidelines and have such little knowledge of, and rapport with, their patients that they would have been incapable of judging whether these patients were actually benefiting from these drugs. These drugs can have side-effects that pretty much stop people from functioning normally and can make them feel dreadful – I know of one Hergest patient who told a friend of mine that he could no longer live with the side-effects that these drugs were causing. He had previously tried to raise his concerns with the staff of the Hergest Unit and their response was to up the dose. (He was of course being forcibly injected with these drugs, so there was no escape for him.) He threw himself in front of a train a few hours after telling my friend how his ‘medication’ had destroyed his quality of life. And dear old Dr Raj Sambhi at the Heddfan Unit prescribes them to anyone who tells him that there’s neglect and abuse happening in the north Wales mental health services and that a paedophile ring was operating in the area.

The Story Behind A £1.5 Million Grant In Gwynedd.

Previous blog posts ‘Service User Involvement in North Wales’ and ‘We Control All The Outcomes’ describe how there is no effective or genuine representation for ‘services users’ and carers in north Wales and indeed never has been. If anyone at any time had ever ‘listened to’ a service user or carer the ‘services’ would simply not be in this state. For years, ‘service user involvement’ was left to completely ineffective bodies like the ‘Independent Advocacy Service’ or the ‘Gwynedd and Ynys Mon Users Forum’ (which were staffed and managed by people who were terrified of the staff and managers of the lethal services whom they were supposed to be holding to account), or Unllais (whom I knew were refusing to make representation regarding the mental health services even when they were being told of the most serious abuses). Until March 2016 Unllais held the contract for service user involvement in north Wales. Considering how hopeless Unllais had been at representing and involving service users, the ending of their contract would have been the most wonderful opportunity for the Betsi to begin some real ‘service user and carer involvement’. Readers will know that this never happened and instead a new nightmare is promised, as the ‘contract’ was subsequently given to CAIS/Hafal, who have now formed another vehicle, CANIAD (please see blog post ‘Introducing Caniad!’). So Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Lucille Hughes, who sit on the Board of Trustees of CAIS, are now responsible for ‘service user involvement’ in north Wales. We can assume that the outcome from this will therefore be truly grim. Many of my previous blog posts describe the unethical and criminal behaviour of Dafydd Alun Jones – and Lucille Hughes was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in Gwynedd Social Services whilst she was the Director of these ‘Services’ but that she was failing to act. Dafydd and Lucille are now in their eighties, they have never protected the interests of service users and carers before and I very much doubt that they are going to start now.

As soon as I heard that CAIS/Hafal had landed this ‘contract’ from the Betsi, I was interested to find out exactly how this had happened, particularly as there seems to massive conflicts of interest in many other ‘contracts for services’ being handed out by the Betsi. Blog post ‘A Total Lack of Transparency’ details how the whole process has been shrouded in secrecy.

So I recently put in a FoI request to Wrexham County Borough Council (who were inexplicably allowed by the Betsi to ‘lead’ on this whole travesty) in an attempt to find out exactly how CAIS had landed this contract and the identities of the people involved. Last week I received a reply from Wrexham Council which didn’t answer all my questions but did provide a lot of enlightening information. Wrexham Council told me that I wasn’t allowed to reproduce ‘copyrighted’ information without permission and although I’ve written to them requesting this permission I haven’t received a reply. So I cannot reproduce the wonderful information that I have been provided with in it’s entirety, but I can blog about the salient points within this information.

The first surprise that I got was how much this ‘contract’ was worth. It was worth 1.5 million. That’s right, the Betsi have channelled 1.5 million quid to Dafydd et al for five years worth of ‘service user involvement’. The Betsi are currently nearly bankrupting the Welsh Govt so bad is their financial position. But CAIS have been given 1.5 million. The information given to me also confirmed that a grand total of FOUR unidentified service users were ‘involved’ in this process. And I bet they won’t see much of the 1.5 million that has been handed over – indeed, I was sent a rather simplistic ‘presentation’ allegedly designed by one of the ‘service users’ regarding what ‘involvement’ means to him and he mentioned that he was able to claim his expenses. So he gets his bus fare and the price of a lunchtime sandwich reimbursed and Dafydd et al net 1.5 million.

The information provided told me that there were only two ‘bids’ put in for the ‘tender’, one from Unllais and one from CAIS/Hafal. The fact that ‘service user involvement’ was subject to a ‘tendering’ process alone excludes nearly all service users and carers. How many patients and carers are ever going to ‘bid for a contract’? How many even knew that all this was happening? I didn’t and I actually try to keep aware of what is going on in the mental health services in north Wales. But people on the ‘professional’ networks will have known all about it, because the information sent to me revealed that ‘from January 2014 onwards, the Health Board’s Commissioning Manager…attended all the Local Planning Groups in North Wales’. Well you won’t find many service users and carers in them, but ‘professionals’ know all about these planning groups, who sits on them and when they hold their meetings. It was also mentioned that the Commissioning Manager attended ‘Third Sector’ networks (CAIS is a Third Sector organisation) and Service User and Carer networks. Now in a region that was not blighted by corruption and criminal activity in the mental health services, the Commissioning Manager attending Service User and Carer Networks would be a positive sign. But in north Wales, most ‘service users’ experiences of the ‘services’ are so bad that when they finally wave goodbye to the services (if indeed they ever manage to obtain a service in the first place) they want no more to do with them. They do not join a ‘service user network’. Furthermore, in my experience the ‘service user networks’ in north Wales have always been manipulated or indeed completely controlled by the ‘services’ themselves or the lame third sector organisations such as MIND who have for years colluded with the abuses of the mental health services. And some of the service user groups are run by CAIS. So it’s highly unlikely that any grassroots service user and carer groups would have encountered the Commissioning Manager who was allegedly publicising the commissioning process.

But what if north Wales happened to have a really enterprising group of service users and carers who did know that a commissioning process was happening and who were even prepared to form a group to bid for this contract? Well the information provided to me suggests that they would have found such bidding very difficult indeed. For a start, the information regarding the bidding process and what needs to be done to land the bid successfully is littered with acronyms with are never explained. I have a PhD and a research background in social policy and sociology in the Welsh context and I didn’t know what most of those acronyms meant. But it gets worse. Even if a group of service users had managed to plough through all this and somehow decipher it, at the ‘Meet The Buyer Event’, in the ‘procurement information’, provided by Rachel Glynn-Thomas (‘category manager’) there was a reference to a preference for the bidders to make use of technology – specifically to submit the bid via e procurement, ‘utilising the Bravo Solutions etenderWales software hosted by the Welsh Government’. Well that will be familiar to every service user and carer in Wales won’t it, they’ll use it daily. Service users wanting to bid will have needed a good accountant as well, because they had to complete one of the most taxing spreadsheets that I’ve ever seen, worse even than the spreadsheets that I used to complete when I wrote research bids for the research councils that fund academic research (and I had the University accountant to help me). Now, even if our hypothetical service user group did contain a social policy expert, an accountant, someone who was familiar with procurement procedures used by the Welsh Govt as well as someone who knew how to install and use the specialised software used by the Welsh Govt for procurement, there was something interesting about when the ‘Meet The Buyer Event’ was held. I don’t remember seeing it being advertised anywhere. But if I was someone who might have been looking out for an opportunity to bid for a Welsh Government contract and was familiar with the procedure of bidding for these contracts, I’d have been looking at the website Sell2Wales. The contract was advertised on Sell2Wales – but not until nearly a month after the ‘Meet The Buyer Event’ had been held. So anyone attending that ‘Meet The Buyer Event’ (the only opportunity to receive information and ask questions) could have only known about it from an inside contact.

The ‘Meet The Buyer’ event was held in the Boardroom of Optic St Asaph, a location virtually impossible to get to by public transport – so interested service users who did know about it will have needed their own cars to get there. The people making up the panel at the ‘Meet The Buyer’ event included Wyn Thomas (Assistant Director, Community Partnership Development, BCUHB), Vicky Jones (Regional Substance Misuse Commissioning and Development Manager), Jane Jones (Partnership Manager, BCUHB), Rachel Glynn-Thomas (Category Manager, Wrexham Borough County Council) and Sion ap Glynn (Business Support Wales). These are not the sort of people that your average service user would know – but I bet people from CAIS knew them, particularly as CAIS already provide ‘substance misuse services’ on behalf of the Betsi and thus work ‘in partnership’ with them.

There were also two ‘service users’ on this panel, a David Holmes and an Andrea Hughes – however at least one of the powerpoints supplied to me allegedly presented by the ‘service users’ contained a number of highly complex flow charts. I have yet to meet a service user who would ever include such things in a presentation on ‘What Involvement Means To Me’. These managerialist flow charts were also noticeably inconsistent with the rest of the presentation material from the ‘service users’, which pivoted around claiming expenses, supporting others, feeling like a valuable human being, undertaking an entry level education course and no longer being sectioned. I suspect that the managerialist flow charts had been added to those presentations by someone else.

The information supplied to me also suggested that someone might have been expecting a bid from CAIS/Hafal. The information is littered with references to ‘substance misuse services’. Indeed mentions of ‘substance misuse services’ were being prioritised – again and again they were mentioned in the remit after ‘service user involvement’. But there are other rather big clues as well. One slide sent to me in response to my FoI request was a presentation by Jane Jones, Partnership Manager, BCUHB. She certainly seems to gearing up for a partnership with CAIS/Hafal – her presentation states that ‘we would welcome bids from a consortia or partnership but partners must be clear about their partnership arrangements before submitting an application’. No doubt Jane Jones wanted to ensure that any such partnerships contained the word ‘CAIS’ in their ‘arrangements’. The biggest clue however is contained on the slide prepared by Rachel Glynn-Thomas regarding ‘procurement information’: ‘WCBC [Wrexham County Borough Council] on behalf of the Six North Wales Authorities represented by the Area Planning Board for Substance Misuse and with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board…’ So at the very heart of the ‘procurement process’ was the Area Planning Board For Substance Misuse – who are presumably the people who have already commissioned CAIS to provide ‘substance misuse services’ and know them well. Rachel’s slide mentions the need to ensure ‘best value’ and that a marketised commissioning process is the best way of achieving this – ah, so that’s how 1.5 million found its way into the pockets of Dafydd Alun Jones, Lucille Hughes et al…

The dirty deed has now been done, the dosh has gone to CAIS/Hafal and now Dafydd, Lucille and their mates are dictating what ‘service user involvement’ in north Wales looks like. One of the slides sent to me gives some ‘facts and figures’ regarding the region covered by the Betsi. It mentions that there are 1,600 staff employed in the Mental Health Division. So ‘service users’ who dare to complain are faced with 1,600 people sticking together like glue. (It’s tempting to suggest that there are probably more staff employed in the Mental Health Division than patients successfully obtaining a service.) And now they’ve got CAIS to represent their interests against the 1,600 people.

Whilst reading through the information supplied to me in response to my FoI request, any, many questions sprung to mind. But the biggest question of all surely has to be that if CAIS have been given 1.5 million for five years worth of ‘service user involvement’ how much are they raking in for providing all their other ‘services’? As Private Eye would say, I think we should be told…



INCOMPETENCE BY North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones led to convicted paedophile Gordon Anglesea keeping his police pension.

The Commissioner has acknowledged Anglesea deserved to lose his pension but, in the eight weeks between Anglesea’s conviction and his death, failed to ask the Home Office to revoke it.

Rebecca understands the pension — which is fully-funded from the public purse — is worth up to £25,000 a year.

Jones’ inaction meant that Anglesea was being paid some £500 a week while he was in prison.

Jones has also decided that his widow, Sandra, should receive a widow’s pension  of 50 per cent.

She will receive up to £12,500 a year for the rest of her life.

Rebecca has also discovered the Commissioner did not consult the Home Office over this decision.

We have written to policing minister Brandon Lewis asking him to issue a “forfeiture certificate” under the Police Pensions Regulations 2015.

This would automatically revoke Anglesea’s pension — and…

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Who is the CLERK TO THE JUSTICES At Gwynedd Council ?

Freedom of Information request to Gwynedd Council.

Mr Creathorne 1 December 2016

Dear Gwynedd council
As GCC print their own summonses , please identify the current Clerks to the justices signature that you use the facsimile of. Please also name all the Clerks to the justices of the last five years.
Please also provide a correspondence address for the current Clerks to the justices.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Creathorne

Rhyddid Gwybodaeth, 5 December 2016

Dear Mr Creathorne,

Freedom of Information (Ref T1739)

Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Your request has been passed to me to process and I can confirm that it has been logged under the reference number T1739.

The Council may take up to 20 working days, from the date of receipt, to respond to your request. You should therefore receive the information you have requested, subject to the application of any exemptions permitted under the Act, by 02/01/2017 .

If you require further information please contact me by phone on or by emailing [Gwynedd Council request email] by quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,
Wena Green

Mae’r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiad iddo yn gyfrinachol ac fe’i bwriedir ar gyfer y sawl a enwir arno yn unig. Gall gynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd trwy gamgymeriad ni ellwch ei gopio, ei ddosbarthu na’i ddangos i unrhyw un arall a dylech gysylltu â’r anfonwr ar unwaith.
Mae unrhyw gynnwys nad yw’n ymwneud â busnes swyddogol y corff sy’n anfon yr e-bost yn bersonol i’r awdur.

show quoted sections

Arbedwch bapur, ynni ac arian – Peidiwch argraffu’r neges yma oni bai ei bod yn hollol angenrheidiol.
Save paper, energy and money – Do not print this message unless it is absolutely necessary.

Owen Gwawr (CG), 3 January 2017

Dear Mr Creathorne,

Freedom of Information (Ref T1739)

We refer to your request under the Freedom of Information Act in respect
to the above.

Having reviewed your request for information, we have identified that Llys
Ynadon, Llandudno could respond more appropriately. We would therefore
suggest that you contact them at the address given below in order to
receive the relevant information:

Clerk To The Justices
Magistrates Court
Conway Road
LL30 1GA

If you have any further queries regarding this letter please contact me as
the Freedom of Information Co-ordinator. Please remember to quote the
reference number above in any future communications.

Yours sincerely,

Gwawr Owen

Mae’r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiad iddo yn gyfrinachol ac fe’i bwriedir ar gyfer
y sawl a enwir arno yn unig. Gall gynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi
eich cyrraedd trwy gamgymeriad ni ellwch ei gopio, ei ddosbarthu na’i ddangos i
unrhyw un arall a dylech gysylltu â’r anfonwr ar unwaith.
Mae unrhyw gynnwys nad yw’n ymwneud â busnes swyddogol y corff sy’n anfon yr
e-bost yn bersonol i’r awdur.

show quoted sections

Arbedwch bapur, ynni ac arian – Peidiwch argraffu’r neges yma oni bai ei bod yn
hollol angenrheidiol.
Save paper, energy and money – Do not print this message unless it is absolutely

Mr Creathorne 3 January 2017

Dear Owen Gwawr (CG),
This response is unacceptable Since you are using the facsimile of a Clerk to the Justices signature then GCC must know who this is. Please now answer the question without further delay.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Creathorne

Owen Gwawr (CG), 5 January 2017

Dear Mr Creathorne,

The Information is signed by the Council’s Monitoring Officer, being the Proper Officer, in order to authorise the commencement of proceeding. The Summons and Information is thereafter passed to the Clerk to the Justices for approval. The Clerk to the Justices do not sign the Summons and no facsimile of the Clerk’s signature is used by the Council. Under previous arrangements the Council would forward the Information and Summons to the Clerk to the Justices who would sign and return the summons to the Council. The new arrangement have been in place for the past 12 months.

As the Council adhere’ s to the Courts requirements, if you have any questions as to this please refer enquiries to Magistrates Court Service, Llandudno

Many Thanks

Gwawr Owen
Swyddog Cefnogol a Gwybodaeth/ Information and Support Officer
Est 32809
[email address].cymru

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Adamna left an annotation (12 January 2017)

Courts have no records of individual summons or liability orders. Neither is now produced by the courts, but by the council. Nobody is taking responsibility for the court’s part in the process. We are left with only the council’s assurance that the court has, in some vague way, been involved. This is unacceptable and cannot be regarded as a legitimate court process.

Mr Creathorne 15 January 2017

Dear Owen Gwawr (CG),
You have not answered the question.
The summonses that are issued by the council ( they are printed and sent from council office) clearly show a facsimile signature of what is purported to be the Clerk to the Justices. Who is this person , how long has this person held the position and what is the individuals contact address. As the council are using this information on their own summonses it is ludicrous to suggest that you know nothing of it.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Creathorne

Owen Gwawr (CG), 15 January 2017

Rwyf allan o’r swyddfa tan Dydd Llun 16/01/2017. A fyddech cystal â anfon unrhyw ymateb/ymholiad i gais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth i’r mailbox [email address] os gwelwch yn dda . I’m currently out of office until Monday 16/01/2017 . Please could you forward any response/enquiry to Freedom of Information Requests to the mailbox [Gwynedd Council request email] Thank You

Mae’r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiad iddo yn gyfrinachol ac fe’i bwriedir ar gyfer y sawl a enwir arno yn unig. Gall gynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd trwy gamgymeriad ni ellwch ei gopio, ei ddosbarthu na’i ddangos i unrhyw un arall a dylech gysylltu â’r anfonwr ar unwaith.
Mae unrhyw gynnwys nad yw’n ymwneud â busnes swyddogol y corff sy’n anfon yr e-bost yn bersonol i’r awdur.

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Arbedwch bapur, ynni ac arian – Peidiwch argraffu’r neges yma oni bai ei bod yn hollol angenrheidiol.
Save paper, energy and money – Do not print this message unless it is absolutely necessary.

Owen Gwawr (CG), 23 January 2017

Dear Mr Creathorne,

As previously advised, under current arrangements the Council do not use a facsimile of the Clerk to the Justices’ signature.

So as to assist us in answering your request, please provide a specimen copy of a summons from this Council which you maintain contains a facsimile signature of the Clerk to the Justices.

Many Thanks

Gwawr Owen
Swyddog Cefnogol a Gwybodaeth/ Information and Support Officer
Est 32809
[email address].cymru

show quoted sections

Mr Creathorne 29 January 2017

Dear Owen Gwawr (CG),
You may be aware that I cannot upload a document to this site. Please therefore provide me with your email address so that I may forward the document in question so that I can provide the evidence.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Creathorne

Rhyddid Gwybodaeth, 30 January 2017

Dear Mr Creathorne,

Please see email address below.

[email address].cymru

Many Thanks

Gwawr Owen
Swyddog Cefnogol a Gwybodaeth/ Information and Support Officer
Est 32809
[email address].cymru

show quoted sections

Mr Creathorne 11 February 2017

Dear Owen Gwawr (CG),
You were provided with the document showing the facsimile signature of the Clerk to the Justices some time ago. Please provide the answers to original questions by return.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Creathorne

Owen Gwawr (CG), 11 February 2017